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CBD and Weight Loss

CBD and Weight Loss

The Truth About CBD and Weight Loss Results

The CBD industry has taken off like a rocket ship in the last five years or so.

New CBD products are hitting the market every day, promising to help people wash away feelings of pain and anxiety, helping them lead happier and healthier lifestyles – and even promising to help them lose weight.

And while the research definitely shows that CBD is a game changer when it comes to pain and anxiety management, people are still (understandably) a little nervous about whether or not it works as a weight loss solution.

Well, we can tell you pretty definitively that researchers all of the world now find CBD to be one of the best weight loss supplements you can take advantage of.

Here are a couple of the big advantages that CBD has to offer in the weight loss department.

Speed Up Your Metabolism

Straight out of the gate, high-quality CBD is going to help elevate your metabolism.

This is done through the interaction that CBD has with your CB1 and CB2 receptors throughout the lymphoid tissue and in your brain. This activity significantly spikes your metabolic activity, helping to turn you into a fat melting furnace almost immediately.

Best of all, these metabolic spikes can last 24 hours before coming down – and then rise just as quickly when more CBD has been consumed. You’ll literally be able to melt fat while you sleep with the help of CBD.

Cut Cravings

Another positive impact CBD has when interacting with those cannabidiol receptors highlighted above is the ability to cut back on your cravings.

Researchers in Europe found that there was a direct link between the consumption of CBD and feelings of cravings disappearing. Researchers believe that it’s the cannabigerol and the cannabinol playing a part in cutting down on your cravings.

This means you’ll be able to skyrocket your metabolism and cut back on your food/caloric intake all at the same time. There may not be a faster way to jumpstart your weight loss journey hand by taking advantage of this two-pronged approach CBD makes possible.

Transforms Fat Fast

Finally, CBD has a unique ability to transform the fat in your body from “white fat” to “brown fat”.

White fat the type of fat most often associated with serious chronic illnesses, including diabetes and heart disease. This is the fat that stores energy inside of our bodies, insulates us when we are cold, and cushions (or stresses out) our organs.

Brown fat, on the other hand, is responsible for fueling your metabolism. Healthy people have significantly higher levels of brown fat than white fat in their bodies. CBD has recently been found to have transformative powers that change white fat into brown fat very effectively.

More research is obviously necessary to fully understand how and why this happens. But early indications are that CBD products may be able to help change the way our body uses fat, fueling our weight loss journey, our elevated metabolism, and helping us to get thinner and healthier all at the same time.


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