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Legislation Passing Bill for Military Troops to Use CBD

Legislation Passing Bill for Military Troops to Use CBD New Amendment Passed in Congress May Allow US Military to Use CBD Products In the middle of July 2020 a major new amendment attached to national defense spending was passed by US House of Representatives. A component of the National Defense Authorization Act, the amendment was... Continue Reading →

CBD for Pets: How to Treat Your Furry Friends Safely and Effectively

If you thought CBD products were reserved for people, think again. Canadian cannabis giant, Canopy Growth, have been manufacturing CBD-infused treats and dietary supplements to support our furriest friends, and even major celebrities like Snoop Dogg are getting in on the action. Snoop, Martha Stewart, and comedy icon Seth Rogen have all lent their names... Continue Reading →

The History of Hemp

The History of Hemp Hemp is enjoying a major resurgence in popularity these days, particularly throughout the United States and North America. What’s most interesting about this, though, is that a lot of people – including those just getting into the hemp industry – are unaware of the rich history of this crop. Below we... Continue Reading →

CBD and the Effects on Sickle Cell

CBD and the Effects on Sickle Cell CBD has been used to fight back against a variety of illnesses and injuries, quite effectively we might add. People love CBD as a solution for aches and pains. They also love it as something to help them right back against stress and anxiety, particularly in our hyper... Continue Reading →

CBD and Skincare

CBD and Skincare Highlighting the Big Benefits of CBD Skincare Products Thanks to some major changes in the attitude towards cannabis products – not just from a societal standpoint, either from the federal government as well – companies now have the freedom to develop for CBD in a way that just wasn’t possible before. Companies... Continue Reading →

The 5 Best CBD Post-Workout Products

There are a lot of things that exist in the world of working out meant to make you believe that exercise has to take a physical toll on your body. Sayings like “feel the burn” and “no pain, no gain.” And while it's true, you're stressing your muscles during the workout process, you don't have... Continue Reading →

CBD for Women

Cannabidiol or CBD is a compound which is extracted from the cannabis plant. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol or THC (which is the active compound in marijuana), CBD does not have any psychotropic effects and won’t cause a person consuming it to get “high”.   CBD has become increasingly popular in recent years. There are a wide range of... Continue Reading →

The Best CBD Edibles in 2020

As CBD oil gains prominence as an alternative therapy for a lot of people suffering pain and other chronic illnesses, the market for CBD edibles is increasing as well. Edibles have been popular among recreational cannabis users for years, though it's been more of a niche method of ingesting it. Still, it's an estimated $4.1... Continue Reading →

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